Monday, 12 July 2010

Valkerie 1 Progress

Today i completed laying down all the base colours for this Valkerie. And not as minute to soon, as my HQ and Platoon Command Squads arrived today, with a second Elysian Squad being dispatched on Friday. I used the Primer i got from Army Painter as the base colour for this Valkerie (mentioned in my last post) as I'm very pleased with it! Furthermore when i came to touch up the hull after painting the base colours, i found that it was a virtually identical colour to GW's Desert Yellow, which is what i use for the combats on the Elysians. This is good because it will save me a lot of time when churning out my squads!!

I just have the weathering to do on this bad boy, and then I'll move on to the scenic base! Looks like this regiment is getting off the ground!

As i apply the weathering, I'll also be putting together a tutorial on my methods (i recently completed a similar one on my Krieg Blog). Hopefully the techniques will be of some use to you all!
Would love to get some feedback on this birds colour scheme as I've got another four of these to do, as well as a Vulture, so i want to get it right!



  1. Nice and clean paintjob.
    I really look forward to see her weathered.
    Keep it up!

  2. Looks like a great start. I've yet to finish painting my Valkyrie, and will be watching here for ideas.