Monday, 26 July 2010

Muster for Battle!

With the tournament only a week away, i have arrayed my chosen force ready for inspection! Elements of this army have been well used for gaming, and may require a bit of a touch up before being presented for competitive game play!

This is the 2000pt Kreig force that i will be using. I'll also be using a Vostroyan 1000pt and 1500pt force as well as part of the campaign weekend (pictures of them to follow later) Yes, there is a Macharius Super Heavy in there, but this comes under the special rules that the organisers of the tournament have layed out.

There are also some shots of my Company Command Platoon (HQ squad and lascannon teams) as well as my Engineers and Hades Breaching Drill. The Breaching Drill allows the Engineers to deep strike onto the battlefield, while being equipped with S10 Power Blades and a Melta Cutter! This is then followed up by a squad of tooled-up engineers...nasty (well, i hope!) You can also see the Heavy Mortar Battery and the Medusa Siege Gun, part of the Kreigs favored arsenal!

I was a bit worried that this list was a bit light on foot sloggers for a foot sloggers army! I seem to have gone for the more specialist units, mainly investing points into the engineers and their drill. I will be taking along a few more troop squads in case i change my mind on that (which is allowed, as your allowed up to 5 lists - currently i have 3!)

Pictures of the Vostroyan forces to follow, and then hopefully some good results from the tournament!

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  1. Always nice to see a group photo. Great looking group you got there!
    Good luck in the tourney.