Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Grenadier Squads Complete, Spine Replacement on Order!

After a frantic and back breaking day of painting, my two 5 man Grenadier Squads are complete. Very happy with the colour scheme, but a little unhappy with the Hellguns. The casts for the weapons were a bit chunky and undetailed, but i hope it doesn't show to much.

I then had to move straight on to the Centaurs!! I didn't get very far though, I'd had my fill of painting for the day! At least they're assembled and undercoated. I'll move onto the painting tomorrow. For anyone who hasn't seen one of these in the flesh, i took a picture of their scale to show how unbelievably small they are!!

Now, off to the Chiropractors.....


  1. Wow, very nice mode of paint the models, and the "tanks" looks so little...

  2. Great looking squad!
    Thanks for the scale on the Centaurs. I didn't realize they were so small. Do they come as one kit or two to a pack?

  3. Afraid that they only come individually, for the outrageous price of 40quid per vehicle!! Dont know why i do it to myself.....!

  4. Very nice mate, looking forward to seeing the centaurs done.