Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Big Guns of Krieg - Medusa Siege Gun

A welcome change of direction now! I've taken some time to revisit the Krieg Repaint that I started well over a year ago now. My mind has been straying back to the Death Korps recently (mainly due to an upcoming terrain project), and with only a few more units to go until the repaint is complete, I decided to scratch this itch!
This is the repainted Medusa Siege Gun with Crew:

Medusa on its own:

Shell loaders:


Vox Operator:


In the absence of Legion Death Guard models to paint, I've started repainting the final Death Korps Squad. Should have them done by the weekend, by which time i'll be going to Games Day UK to pick me up some resin crack! More on that next week.
The GunGrave


  1. Beautiful work! That Medusa emplacement model is one of my favorites - you've done a fantastic job on it!

  2. Good work buddy - I'm always amazed by the size of those things - I never expect it to be that big - the barrel must be one massive chunk of resin.

  3. Cheers guys! Its a great model, a bit of a beast! Would love to get 2 more to make an entire Battery!

  4. Love the muddy look! Great work.