Friday, 27 September 2013

Battlefield In A Box - Trench Works!

I'm very excited to announce the start of the next BFIAB project: Trench Works! Well over a year ago when I finished BFIAB: Sewage Works I to vowed to dedicate the next one to the nightmare world of Trench Warfare.

I've had 2 sets of Forgeworlds Trench sets and Bunkers for years now (BTW, Forgeworld don't make these anymore! Shocking...) They were once used in a modular terrain board, but then removed when I moved house and had to ditch the boards. In a recent UREKA moment I had an idea on how to incorporate at least some of the sets into my new BFIAB!

I decided to model the bunkers into a rocky outcrop with a small section of trench leading into it. The base is only 30cm long and 22cm wide, so the space is quite limited. This is because I need to be able to get the piece into the box neatly and safely.

The bunker and trench sections were built into some high density foam and fixed to a thin bit of MDF using Araldite. I then started carving out chunks from the foam to create a rocky effect. Here's a top shot:

And a rear shot. I used the off cuts from the foam to beef out the surrounding area, which will make life easier when I apply the filler.

Kriegsman for scale - they will be making good use of these terrain pieces!

Interior of the bunker with the roof off:

Once the filler was added it really started to look the business! I used it to fill in any stray holes and to help create a muddy effect.

I'll be adding some more 'mud' over the top of all this when its dry, the same recipe as the DKOK bases.

I have enough pieces to make 2 of these in total. Now I have the method established putting together the second one shouldn't take to long at all. I'll be painting up this bad boy tomorrow, and also getting the actual trenches prepared as well! More on that soon!
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  1. That looks pretty awesome. I assume FW stopped doing the trench set when GW decided they were bringing out the Wall of Martyr's stuff.

  2. Nice use of some classic terrain mate

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah the WoM kits pretty much made these ones redundant....shame really, they're great kits.

    That being said I've picked up a load of WoM kits for this project!