Thursday, 19 September 2013

Heresy Era Rhino WIP ; Battlefield-In-A-Box Revisited

Last weekend I prolapsed another spinal disc at the gym....which has lead to a week off work (and £1200 lost in overtime ARGH!) Despite the discomfort, I have managed to make some progress on the last Demios Pattern Rhino for the Death Guard.

Just the weathering, washes and powders to go and were done! Just as well, because there are a pair of Contemptors being picked up from Games Day next week!

In other news - I've revisited a second love I have for this hobby, Terrain! Some of you may remember the Battlefield In A Box project I did about a year ago (check it out here). Well I've been thinking about that project a lot recently, mainly because I'd like to do a second Battlefield, but also because I wanted to add a few more terrain pieces to the original project.

This first piece was inspired by the watchtower featured in this months White Dwarf:

Cities of Death panels make up the main structure while battlements from the Imperial Bastion were used for the top deck.

Plasticard was used for the base of the deck, and a hatch from the Leman Russ sprue was added for access.

There is enough room for about 15 men on the top of the watchtower which will make it a pretty important piece of terrain on the battlefield! I'm preparing a second piece at the moment which will be a minor sub station for the larger Pump Station - again inspired by the WD article. After that, I may well plan a whole new battlefield! Feel free to leave suggestions for that one!
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  1. I dig that tower - cool kit combo, gonna have to try that!

    Very jealous of your ability to attend games day! I'm jonesing for the Massacre book - Gonna be another month+ before I can get my hands on it. Argh!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Cheers mate!

    Yeah, Massacre is on my pre order for Games Day as well! Cant wait!

  3. I do love a good terrain article - and you seem to pump them out more regularly than anyone else I have stumbled across on the old blogverse. I do like your knack of turning everyday bits and bobs into useable terrain.