Monday, 30 September 2013

Games Day UK 2013 - Part 1 PIC HEAVY

Well Games Day UK has been and gone, and what a great day it was! Some amazing painting, some amazing display boards, and some even more amazing pending releases coming out of Forgeworld!

Here's some of the pictures I took of the day (only a few, because it  took over 300!)


The GunGrave

(sorry, this made us laugh so much!)



  1. Awesome photo post my friend, I was not able to go this year, so I am relying on posts like this to get my fix.

    Great photos, do you have any more?

  2. No problem guys.

    Yes, there are 2 more post tomorrow and Wednesday with some more pics. Even with 3 posts I still couldn't get them all onto the blog! (uploader was being funny...)

  3. Great Pix of amazing stuff- well done- THANKS for Posting. Regards.KEV.

  4. Thanks for the quite comprehensive coverge mate.