Monday, 23 September 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard Rhino 3 Complete; Watchtower Terrain Painted

It was a productive weekend  where I saw the completion of the final Death Guard Rhino. The wash on this vehicle is a bit lighter than the rest. That being said, this is the shade I am happiest with. I've had a lot of trouble getting the wash/shading consistency right with the vehicles and the infantry. A diluted pot of Serephim Sepia has give me the shade I want. Turns out its predecessor wasn't a direct match to the new wash....
I also splashed a bit of paint onto the Watchtower I built last week. I think it looks pretty smart! I intend to take the whole Battlefield to Club on Wednesday and get some more use out of it. I think this will be a welcome addition.

Finally, I have completed the build on the Sub Station I mentioned last week. Undercoated and ready to go, I should have this ready for Club night on Wednesday.

 I'll take some pics of the Battlefield in action and put them up on here. After that, i'll be looking forward to Games Day and the goodies i'll be picking up there!

The  GunGrave


  1. Awesome terrain pieces. Really like the generator station. Any chance of a group shot of those Death Guard?

  2. Cheers Andy.

    Do you mean the Rhinos? Got a group shot of the Legionnaires a few posts ago, but will get a shot of the Rhinos up tomorrow, along with the painted terrain piece!