Friday, 11 November 2011

Rise of the Necrons!

They're finally here! Well, they have been for nearly a week now, and i have not been idle in that time! This is to be my very first Necron army and i wanted to get off to a flying start!

So here are the units that I've completed so far (well, actually this lot takes me up until Tuesday just gone!)

Necron Warrior Squad. The first of three squads i have planned for my list! I used Army Painters 'Plate Mail Metal' metallic primer. This stuff makes painting Necrons a doddle! Its Boltgun Metal in a can, and you don't even need to undercoat the models first. Then i dipped them in 'Army Painters' Strong Tone Quickshade, another must-have for Necron army builders! Simply, dip, wipe off the excess, and leave to dry! Its also a varnish, but its a bit to glossy for me so i sprayed them lightly with Purity Seal afterwards.

The Gauss rods got a bit of attention here. I had the idea of using green Marble Paint to try and create a interesting effect! You put a few drops of this paint into a bowl of water, swirl it around a bit, then dip your Necron Gun Rod into the water. What you should get is a nice marble pattern, much like to one below!

Now it should be said that this is one of the better Gauss Rods! It takes a bit of trial and error to get the technique right, and about 4 of my Warriors have dodgy Gauss Rods as a result! But once you've got the hang of it, its worth it! I also plan to apply this pattern to the crystal atop a Monolith as well!

Next up is a five strong squad of Immortals with Gauss Blasters. I painted the Blasters with the same Marble Paint as the Warriors, which i think came out well. I of course didn't dip these into the marble paint, but instead had to paint it straight on. The effect isn't quite the same, but close enough for consistency. I also went with black shoulder guards to make them stand out from the grunts a bit more. I applied a very subtle highlight of Dark Angles Green to the edges of the pads to break it up a bit. 

Finally, the icing on the cake! The first of two Ghost Arks! now, I LOVE this kit! It took ages to put together and paint, but it was well worth the effort! This is the first kit that I've put together for ages where i thought "I'm really getting my moneys worth here"! Definitely words you wouldn't associate with GW at the moment!

Starting with a base coat of  Chaos Black, i edge highlighted all the angles with Snot Green and then did the same with Emerald Green. The Warriors were painted in the same way as the ones above and the Gauss weapons had the same treatment as the Immortals weapons.

I used an airbrush to apply Emerald Green to the power source and the engine outlets. I think this gives a really sinister feel to the vehicle! I love it!

One thing i will say about this kit: you'll need to paint a lot of it before assembling! It probably goes without saying but there it is. You've been warned!

On the table now is a half build Doomsday Ark, which will probably be half painted by the time this post goes up! Its full steam ahead for the Necons, and i hope to have this army built and painted by Christmas! I'll also post an army list next week for dissection!

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  1. Very nice, you are a dilligent man indeed!

  2. The Marble Paint you mentioned, who produces it? Could you share a link, please? Looks interesting to play with!

  3. Cool, man! Really awesome! I paint crons with two spray cans - black and a bit of boltgun ))