Monday, 7 November 2011

Sewage Woks: Pump Station Built

Last post i mentioned that i was constructing a Pumping Station for the Sewage Works Sub-Project. Over the weekend it was finished!

This building was made entirely of cast resin panels. I also tried casting the panels in plaster to try and minimise the cost. Although the detail as OK, it was a real pain to work with. It seemed to reject any type of glue used to fix the panels, and the PVA i eventually used took about 3 days to dry properly!! I won't use plaster for building panels again, but it'll be fine for other less detailed moulds.

The roofs on the towers are just cardboard which will be painted to look like corrugated iron sheets. I wasn't just being lazy here! I went for flat roofs to make storage in a box easier! If I'd used GW building railings, the I'd be forever gluing the spikes back on!!

The side of the Pumping Station. By this time i was fed up of the plaster, and used resin for the pipes!

Roof detail. As you can see, theres a large roof space, great for playability. 

Here's a shot of all the buildings together:

Those over ground pipes i ordered from Evil Mushroom Games arrives at the end of last week as well. They're resin cast and of medium/high quality. They cost me about £15 and will provide a good bit of scatter terrain for this board. 

Finally, these are the lids off of the containers i used for the sewage processors. I toyed with the idea of making some submerged/ground level processors as well to bulk up the board a bit. I saw these in the bin and the idea struck me! They'd be perfect for this: right size, right height and have a decent ridge around the edge. All I'd have to do is build some sort of 'shit-stirer' for the middle and mount them on a more solid base!

By the time this post goes up I'd have already started painting the Pumping Station, and the other Processors and Pipes will probably be on their was as well. That being said the Necrons are released, so expect some news on them as well!

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  1. I am not a fan of the Caps Lock, but VERY impressive.

  2. Very nice mate, how long did it take to cast them? what did you make the mould out of?

  3. The moulds are silicone - i had made some 2 part moulds to cast both sides of the panel, but for solid buildings i only needed one side! So i made some new moulds for one-sided panels, which uses less resin to cast.

    The resin takes about 10-15 mins to dry, ther plaster, about the same time!

  4. Use tite bond II wood glue for plaster, its great