Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Swarm Grows: Hive Guard Complete

So while you bloggers contemplate the big question i put forward in my last post, i've got some hobby material for you to digest!

I managed to sumon some energy today and get the Hive Guard unit done! Just need to grab me a Trygon and the list is more or less complete (when i decide what to do with the Doom that is....)


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  1. Nice stuff here all around mate, I like your work a lot -Also you left a comment on my Adeptus Custodes on my blogsite "Alexander the Alchemist" and you'd asked what I used to build them - They've got legs from Dark Angel vets, torsos from Sanguinary guard, the guardian spears are pretty much the same as yours but with catachan swords for the bayonet bit and the handles from various spacemarine power weapons. The heads are half SM and half FB high elves. There's also a fair amount of greenstuff sculpting on them - I think there are unpainted pics in the Custodes gallery. Hope that helps - I'm going to be making a few more squads eventually so I may do a tutorial for FTW.