Monday, 21 February 2011

Death Korps Armoured Regiment: Leman Russ Squadron 1 Done

Firstly a word on today's sad news; FTW will be suspending its service until further notice due to Ron's life commitments. A dam shame really, but its a decision I'm sure we all understand.

So, back to this modest blog.....

Theres been a lack of posts lately, as i was expecting my new work desks to arrive Friday last week. So i didn't bother starting anything as I'd be clearing out the Forge ready for the delivery! Then the buggers put back the delivery date 2 weeks!! Grrrrr.

So i jumped back into it this weekend and pressed on with the Krieg Armoured Regiment. Now that the 'Nids are finished, the Armoured Regiment is the last unfinished army in my collection!

So here is the first Leman Russ Squadron, my assault squadron. You'll have seen these tanks before in previous posts, but these guys are now sporting the new Krieg colour scheme!

Leman Russ Annihilator: Squadron Command Tank

Leman Russ Demolisher

Leman Russ Demolisher

The scheme looks great on the armoured vehicles of this army, and I definitely rate it above the last blue scheme. I'm a little concerned about the lack of equipment on the tanks though; I think it makes them look a little uninteresting. Theres only so much a Forgeworld turret can do!! I've ordered some lengths of chain to attach to the front of the hulls, as it makes sense that they would have these on board in this muddy environment! Theres some sandbags on the back of one as well, but again i think it needs a bit  more!

You'll also notice that only one of these tanks is a Forgeworld Mars Alpha Pattern Hull. I'm aiming to replace all of my Russ with this pattern of hull along with all the Trench Rail and Engine Filter upgrades that are available. But, as with all things Forgeworld, this costs a bomb! I'm aiming to get hold of at least 3 more Mars Alpha hulls in the next few months which will then complete the Armoured Company (10 Russ), and taking my Mars Alpha count up to 5. The rest will be slowly replaced over time (unless i come into a huge amount of cash!!)

So that's where I'm at with the Armoured Regiment. On the menu is 4 more Russ and a Hellhound!



  1. Looking good, maybe your tax return will be the amount needed lol

  2. Ha ha, yeah right! If i ask the Government they'll probably tell me that i owe THEM money! Robbing bastards!

  3. Really liking the dust/mud on the treads... gives the tanks a nice feel overall.


  4. Thanks for the well wishes! You have some very nice work on here.


  5. The Demolisher is sweet!!!Did you air brush them?very cool