Saturday, 12 February 2011

It Came from Below! Completed Tyranid Trygon

The latest and last addition to my Tyranid swarm, completing my 1750pt army!


As for the 'Nid list itself. Well, after the underwhelming response to to my call for aid, i decided to go with the doom of Malan'Tai. Reason being that I already had a conversion done and painted for him, and that would save me £45 on 3 Zoanthropes! I spent the remaining 50pts on another 3 'Stealers, bumping up my brood numbers to 10 a piece. I may drop them again in favour of Adrenal Glands if the first few games demonstrate a need for them, as their points cost would cover 'Glands for the previous configuration of 'Stealers.

I'm working on one more thing for this army: a Mycetic Spore! I spent the points on one for the Doom so i might as well do a model for it. I've only just started though, so watch this space (and the skies!)


  1. Brilliant looking special effect with the basing, it really has a dynamic look to it. I also like how the color of the Nid blends in with its surroundings, but still pops with the stripes on its back. I'm sure it will destroy your enemies just like the Welsh destroyed the Scots in rugby.

    Tampa, FL

  2. Thanks mate, its a really easy scheme to do, and carries easilly through the army. Yeah, the Welsh were definately out for blood after being trashed by England!! That was a good day.....sigh.....

  3. The basing, as said, it's awesome! And I love the back of the model! Nice job ;D

  4. Cheers mate! Saw your blog earlier - I still think your a madman! (in a nice way...!)

  5. Looking awesome mate. Really love the realistic paint job. There's too many brightly coloured nids running around! The base is just how I'd imagine them to look bursting our from underground.

  6. Cheers dude! I had to leave out a large bit of the tail to accomodate the base, but its worth it! At least i'll have some spare 'Nid tail in the bits box!