Friday, 28 January 2011

Legio Custodes: Gold NMM Pt 2; Guardian Spear Adjustments

So today i had another bash at painting  gold NMM for my Custodian models. I stared and stared at the test mini i did, and eventually decided that something wasn't quite right about it! I couldn't really put my finger on it, but i think that it was to orange and not enough yellowy gold.

So in the second attempt i tried to correct this, and this time round the test subject was a bona-fide Custodian (well, mine and Scibors version anyways!) I'm much happier with this attempt, and i think a large part of its success was down to Vallegio's paint range! Their Gold Yellow was a bit more gritty than GW's Sunburst yellow, and pulled off a Gold look a bit better!

Again, I'm not sure if i really pulled off NMM. I am happy that i pulled off a decent non-metallic gold colour scheme that i can use, even though it might not be quite what i wanted (kind of a contradiction there, but you know what i mean!)

Tomorrow I'll be pressing on with the other colours on the model! "But where's his Guardian Spear" i hear you cry.....!

Well its here! After some useful comments in on the last post, i shortened the blade of the spear, bringing it much more into proportion. I also added some detail to the blade itself, as the Emperors finest do love their bling! The wings used to be part of a SM Force Commanders Battle Standard, but theres not much left of that now! So i hope to have this guy finished by the weekend.

I've also noticed a sizable Tyranid order has been placed with GW using my credit card, so i expect the Hive Fleet to be arriving in west Wales again soon! In the meantime i better track down that sneaky 'Stealer that must be lurking around here somewhere......!

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