Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Repaint - Squad and Demolisher Done

I've finally got a few days off now and I've waisted no time in cracking on with the Krieg repaint! So today i got the first squad completed.

Once this was done, i quickly started to wonder about the colour schemes of the artillery and armour!! So i picked out a matching scheme from IA: Siege of Vraks Pt1 and slapped it onto a Demolisher! The usual weathering was also applied.

Just in case you cant remember what the last colour scheme was, here's a comparison photo:

I feel like I've just bought a whole new Krieg army and I'm painting it for the first time (though without the huge credit card bill!) Unfortunately this means that other projects have been severely neglected, mostly my Dark Eldar, which is currently only one squad strong! I guess I'm easily distracted!

In an effort to break my Krieg Fever, i made a start on the last two Drop Sentinels for the Elysians and I hope to have a few WIP pics of that tomorrow.