Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Elysian Drop Sentinel Squadron 2 Complete

This now concludes the construction of the 141st Elysian Drop Troop Regiment "Helljumpers"! This 1750pt army only took me a mere 4 months to complete, but I'm sure it could have been sooner if Forgeworld wasn't so expensive! So here they are:

Sentinel "Herak" Armed with Multi Melta:

I love this base, having the sentinel stalking through a breached perimeter fence! Thought the smoldering edges of the melta'd fence were a nice touch!

Sentinel "Montu" armed with Heavy Bolter:

I'm interested in expanding this army further to make it a reasonable sized Apocalypse force, prahaps adding some Tauros and a few more squads in Valkyries! In the next post i'll get some shots of the current army together!

Next on the to-do list is Tyranids. This 'Nid fest has been sitting in the cabinet, almost complete, for about 6 months now and its time to get it squared away so i can start thinking about my Dark Eldar again (sigh, so much to do!!)


  1. Very nice, Maybe we should run a little campaign around the story from the IA book? Ill need to get a few more toys first of course!

  2. Yeah those scenarios are nice and short, with only 1 Apoc game in the campaign. Definately

  3. Love the feeling these guys evoke with the limited color palette and all the textures you've managed to get in there.

    Fomr the netting to the battle damage, looks good.
    Ron, From the Warp

  4. Thanks you commented my last post ... So I could fortunately find your blog with all this awesome painted stuff!

    These Drop Sentinels look really cool and realistic. You wouldn't mind sending me one, so I can just sit down a few weeks and look at it all day long?

  5. LOL, well i could paint one for you, but unfortunately the Elysians will be going back into the zone on the 1st of Febuary, so they'll need to stay with me for the time being!

    Glad you like!

  6. THe camo nets looks rad well the would thing looks rad!