Monday, 17 January 2011

141st Elysian Drop Troop Regiment "Helljumpers" Showcase

As promised here are the pics of the Helljumpers! I asked Mrs GunGrave to perform her usual photo magic on these guys, but some of the pics aren't as good as the last bunch!

Company Command Squad

Long Range Ground Scanner

Veteran Squad 1: Heavy Flamer and two Plasma Guns

Veteran Squad 2: Heavy Flamer and two Plasma Guns

Veteran Squad  3: two Melta Guns and Plasma Gun

Veteran Squad 4: Three Melta Guns

Sentinel Squadron 1:

Sentinel Squadron 2:

Now for their rides! Mrs GunGrave performed a little extra photoshop magic on these pics! An experiment that might see more use in the future!

Valkyrie 1 with Rocket Pods

Valkyrie 2 with Rocket Pods

Vendetta 1

Vendetta 2

Vulture Gunship 1 with Twin Linked Punisher Cannons

Vulture Gunship 2 with Twin Linked Punisher Cannons

Well I hope you guys liked the showcase! I'm exceptionally pleased with this army, and have had great fun designing and building it. I'm just sad that it is done, and theres no more Elysians or Valkyries to build! As i mentioned a few posts ago, i will be attempting to expand this force into a viable Apoc army, but that'll probably be a way down the line as other projects beckon! I may do a Vostroyan showcase soon, as those guys haven't had much exposure on this site.
Next post its more from the Krieg!


  1. Cool stuff! I especially like the Valks. Keep up the good work!

  2. Simply one of the coolest armies ever.

  3. Really impressive! All of the models and vehicles look absolutely first rate. I like the little touches on the sentinels like the camo netting and breaking through the fence.