Thursday, 20 January 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Repaint: Platoon 1 Complete

So here's your weekly does of Krieggy goodness!

The first of my two Krieg Platoons is now complete with another two squads and a Platoon Command Squad added since my last Krieg post.

Unfortunately my airbrush died (again!) after being resurrected with spare parts, which means that my Krieg armoured units and artillery are sitting in the cabinet collecting dust! Very frustrating! So until £70 drops in my lap to buy a decent Iwata, its on with the troops!

So here is Platoon 1 (yet to be named!!)

Platoon Command Squad

Squad 1 with Melta Gun

Squad 2 with Plasma Gun

Squad 3 with Melta Gun

More Krieg coming soon, along with a few more new years resolutions!!


  1. They are pretty cool. I like your gritty approach to painting.

  2. Beautiful stuff man, your colors are very natural and everything has a suitably gritty look!

  3. Cheers guys! Thats why i prefered this scheme more than the last one. This scheme is suitably dark and grim whereas the other was a bit 'meh' and not quite screaming 'Trench Death!'

    Once i get another airbursh i'll be adding some mud and grime onto the trims of the greatcoats to finish them off. I dont really like drybrushing!