Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Rise of the Kabal: First Kabalite Unit Complete!

I've been painting these guys on and off for the past week or two which is why it took so long to get them done! I added the finishing touches to the final five members today.

The new additions, including a Splinter Cannon

The full ten man squad

Unfortunately, due to an unusual bout of sensible-ness, I'll not be buying any more (or MANY more) models before Christmas. My dam car insurance is up in January, so on top of the Xmas bill, its gonna be an expensive month! This means the Dark Eldar will be on hold for a while, but i do have a few Krieg Armoured Regiment bits on the back burner at the mo' which I'll probably be getting on with, so watch this space!



  1. I know how you feel - originally I was going to use my Christmas bonus on a large Forge World order, but in the end I decided to pay off some bills with it. Stupid sense of responsibility! ;-)

  2. Yeah mate its a bitch! Every cloud has a silver lining though and next year i'll be dept free, and able to buy loads of TITANS! I just gotta be good.....its SOOO hard!