Friday, 17 December 2010

Legio Custodes - Yeah, Thats Right!

Since i first stumbled upon Scibors Monstrous Miniatures website I've been in love with Custodian models, as they created some magnificent conversions for these guys! It was then that i vowed to make my own Custodians one day (probably in the far distant future!)

Recently Scibor introduced a few new products into their Conversion Parts range, which included nearly all the parts needed to make Custodians very similar to their conversions! I nearly wet myself with excitement, my dream may finally come true! So i eagerly purchased the required parts: shoulder pads, helmets, greaves, and shields. The only bits missing are torsos, which they havent released (or if they indeed plan to release) yet. The plan was simple: use a normal Space Marine as the basis of the conversion, add the parts from Scibor, and then somehow convert a suitable torso. Easy right?? WRONG!!

The problem was that once i added the conversion parts, they made the whole mini look stumpy! This is what a Space Marine Dwarf looks like!

So i needed to make the Space Marine taller. I mulled this over for a few hours and came up with 2 potential ideas, both of which would be created as a prototype. Firstly i could raise the Marine at waist level using putty between the legs and torso. I wouldn't need to worry about detail here, as the waist would be covered by a large tabard. Its a bit difficult to picture, but once the greave was added again, it became easier to visualise as a viable option.

The second option is much more labour intensive. I wanted to insert a 'raiser' at some paint in the legs, extending the legs themselves and making the whole model taller. I decided to to this on the lower portion of the leg, so that any imperfections could be covered by the greaves.

Firstly i removed the bottom part of the legs and feet at around the mid-shin point. I think a vice is essential for this! Believe me, i tried it without and nearly lost a finger!!

Next pin the parts back together leaving the desired amount of space between the leg parts. I went for a 2mm rise on the model. This doesn't seem like a lot but i didn't want to go mad, otherwise id end up with a lanky Marine!

Once that's done just fill in the gaps with putty (i used Milliput). Once dry i tried the greave on the leg, and was impressed with the result, making the model look much less cramped.

You've probably noticed that I'm only worrying about the greves at the mo'. Reason being that i think that this is the source of the Dwarf Marine Syndrome. Sort out the legs, and the rest of the model will look as it should.

So I've got 2 possibilities, both workable. Tomorrow once the putty is properly dry, I'll do a mock up with all the other bits added to get a proper look; arms tabards the lot!

So that leaves me with one more problem, the torso! I thought that this would be quite straight forward, but this really gave me trouble! The normal Space Marine torso wouldn't cut it, as its not nearly ornate enough, so a new one was definitely needed. It took me ages to get the right shape and design. Design wise, I'm gonna have to build it up bit by bit. I just don't have the skills to create a whole new one off the bat. So i just got the shape and boarder right, and then created a press mould for it. Once this is perfected ill begin adding additional designs and pimp it up a bit!

(this pic was meant to be landscape, couldn't fix it!)

Phew, well believe it or not i actually found time to press on with the Khornate stuff for my buddy Rob. I finished off all the infantry first thing this morning (no pics, but its nothing to special) and also do a little bit on his Land Raider. I added a few snarling maws to the lascannon barrels, and a bit of 'scuplting' on the assault ramp. Now i say 'sculpting', but this is definitely the weakest part of my hobby! So i took the opportunity to practice on someone else's models!! I must have become tainted!

All i did here was apply some putty to the top of the assault ramp primarily to cover the imperial eagle underneath. I added a Khorne icon to this and then felt all creative and decided to sculpt some learning faces on the hull! My learning faces were a disaster, so i settled on leering skulls instead! Even these arn't that great, but once its all dry and painted it ll look a lot better (i hope!)

So that's as far as I've got at the moment. I'm really excited about this project, and i really hope i can pull it off! I think the key is not to rush, take the time, and apply the effort! It'll be worth it in the end! Next up is the prototypes!


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