Sunday, 12 December 2010

Product Review - A Quick Look at Pegasus Terrain

I've been aware of Pegasus Terrain for some time and I've always been a fan; theres even a few pieces at my gaming club. As I've run out of models to paint for the time being i decided to pick up a set and see what i could do with it.

The answer is 'not much'! Now that's not meant to be as negative as it sounds! These are great looking building kits, right at home in a 40K Gothic battlefield, but they arnt as detailed as the GW kits. In a way they don't really need to be, but i think you'll see what i mean when you see the pictures!

Onto the kit itself. Well this is a snap-together kit, and requires little or no glue (though i used a little on the floors for stability). The pieces are made of plastic and are very chunky! The Gothic architecture is great but the scale is just a little large for 28mm minis, not that its really noticeable. The big plus is they're cheap! This kit cost me £14 off eBay (plus a £4 postage charge!) My only real criticism is the holes that are left in the columns once its assembled. I think these are there so that you could combine multiple kits if you wished, but unfortunately it doesn't provide the right parts for you if you wanted to make the building on its own. I'll be filling these in with Milliput later.

Now i haven't done much with the base of this building, and theres two reasons for that. Firstly the Mecanicum building was a bit to cluttered around the base making model placement a little hazardous, so i wanted to avoid that! And secondly i wanted to see how it would look based up on its own, no frills! This is the work in progress. I may add more to this kit later on, but for now i think I'll paint it up as it is.

You can see how big this 'small' kit is in this pic. Its mounted on a 1x1ft base, and easily takes up most of this space.

So in conclusion: a thumbs up and highly recommended! They look great, they're chunky and substantial, and they're cheap!! After Christmas i may see what i can make by combining multiple kits on a 1x2ft board!

As i was in terrain mode, i decided to crack on with a GW Administratium building. I wanted this one to be really tall and give my modular game board a bit of height. In contrast to the Pegasus building, i wanted to accessorise this building a little and give it a bit more character. I thought that the layout of the building would've made a great place for a last stand or forward observatory. To promote this theme i added a few sandbags to the first floor and some barbed wire on the base. Not to much, but enough to give the desired impression!

I used a piece of cardboard to make a corrugated iron sheet here:

The sandbags were made of Milliput. Usually i use Green Stuff for this, but the Milliput is much more malleable and easy to work with, taking on a clay-like texture when wet. Plus it only takes 2-3 hours to dry. I'm finding that I'm using this more and more in my modeling and would choose it over green stuff these days.

I added some other details to this building, some copper piping and plastic T-Bar.  These make great additions to the GW building kits, giving them that extra something!

Next then its onto painting. I'll be painting these the same way as the Mechanicum building, undercoating them in dark grey and painting a few details. more on that next week!


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