Thursday, 16 December 2010

Giving Khorne a Hand (Shush, Don't Tell the Emperor!)

Having a lack of models to paint has made me look further afield to try and find something to do! I was at my gaming club yesterday and I noticed that a mate of mine hadn't made much progress on his World Eaters army, and in fact didn't intend to in the near future! This is where i offered to paint up his army while hes at home for the Xmas period! I offered to paint it up to a good tabletop standard, so he could add extra embellishments later if he wanted to.

So today I've been cracking on with the troops, and got 5 Bezerkers done. Theres another 5 in the background which are nearly done to. Then its onto the vehicles.

Another bonus of not having much to do is tying up some of the loose ends of my Kreig lists. So I've been re-arming a few Kriegsmen ready for my Armoured Regiment list which is only 3 Chimeras short of completion. These guys will actually receive a full repaint, as they're some of the first Krieggy Boys that i ever painted, and the techniques are a bit out of date!

I've also been doing a bit on my terrain pieces that i started the other day. I said that i wanted to go for a more minimalist look with these pieces, making it easier to place models in them. The more i looked at them, the more unfinished they felt, so i backtracked a bit and added some more details and rubble!

For the Administratium i just added some large pieces of rubble to break up the open areas a bit.

For the Pegasus piece i did something a little different. I thought that the tops of the columns were a bit to cleanly cut to be destroyed by a large blast so decided to correct this. A bit of roughly applied Milliput sorted this, giving the tops a nice ragged appearance. I also added some Soldering Wire to represent the rebar support. While i was at it, the holes in the sides of the columns were also filled with Milliput and then sanded flat once dry.

So that's what I've been up to hobby-wise! We've got really bad snow forecast for the next few days, so with any luck I'll be snowed in and unable to got to work. Argh no, snowed in for a few days with my 40K and my Xbox! How will i cope!!


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