Monday, 13 December 2010

Rise of the Kabal: Archon Conversion

A few posts back i outlined a simple conversion of an awesome model i picked up from Studio McVey miniatures; that conversion was realised today!

If you missed the last post the miniature in question is this one, Y'Sidyra, a great looking mini all on its own (though i probably wont be keeping the name!)

Little work would be needed to make it fit into my Dark Eldar army, although i would need to make some minor conversions to arm it with the correct wargear. These are Splinter Pistol, Venom Blade, and a Phantasm Grenade Launcher.

The right hand punch dagger was carefully removed and replaced with the Splinter Pistol, making sure to show a little of the pistol grip on the underside of the hand. The left had punch dagger was left in place to represent the Venom Blade. The Phantasm Grenade Launcher was simply filed down a little in order to fit snugly on the Archons back.

Now having such a dynamic looking mini as your Archon demands some careful positioning on a suitable base! The Micro Art Studio 40mm Snow Bases that i ordered a few weeks back fit the bill nicely. The Archon is currently stuck onto the base with some blu-tack until its fully painted. This is because in going to use a bit of clear plastic from the tip of a flying base to elevate the leading leg to give the Archon some 'air', accentuating the models dynamism (wow, some big words there!!)

So there you have it! As soon as i get some more paints in I'll get this bad boy painted, probably in a bluey scheme to match the rest of the army.


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