Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back to the Krieg!

Im now officially 'Nidded out right now! So i've decided to turn my attentions to other projects.

It occured to me recently that i havent even written a list for my Krieg army. For the last 2 years i've just been collecting with no clear purpose in mind! I quickly knocked out a 1750pts army (for which i had most of the units!) and only needed 3 more units to make it complete. On that list was two 5 man Grenadier Squads with Meltas and a Centaur, and a 10 man squad of Engineers (which i have 5 of  already).

On the table now, 5 Engineers. These boys should be complete by the end of tommorrow. Then it'll be onto the Genadiers (once i've taken out a massive loan to pay for them!)

Also recently completed was a Death Korps Vanquisher. This guy is going to be the Company Command Tank for my Armoured Regiment. I rushed this guy out for an Apocalypse game, and had been sitting on my shelves for about a month before that! The Armoured Regiment is a project thats been slowly cooking for a long time now, and with the arrival of the Elysians, will remain slowly cooking for some time!

I've also started a new blog for my Elysians; Prepare to Drop! you can visit that blog and follow the creation of a new Elysian Regiment here:

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