Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Elysian Squad 1 Complete

FINALLY got these guys done! Wouldn't have taken nearly as long if i hadn't had some crappy shifts at work! Never mind, the end result was worth the wait! Their Valkerie Transport has been undercoated, so I'll be starting on the interior before i assemble that. Enjoy the pics!

Sargent, Vox and Demo Charge (converted to an ammo box!)


Troopers and Grenade Launcher

Whole Squad


  1. Cheers dude! Birds on the table ready to be done! Gonna try a new undercoat spray I found on another blog; Army Painter. Its from mainland europe, so might take a bit to get here!

  2. Really nice!
    Great paintjob - eventhough, I think the "shades" may need some reflections, but that's just me :)
    Can't wait to see the rest - especially the Valk.
    It's really nice to see such an expensive army coming together.