Sunday, 23 May 2010

More Warriors and painted Doom of Malan'Tai

One morning of frantic painting managed to produce 3 more painted Warriors and the much anticipated Doom of Malan'Tai! Again, the 'less is more' approach seems to have paid off, not just in regard to painting speed but also in the quality of the finished result.

Having got these guys painted, my army now stands at 1595pts. Just enough for a sensible game on the tabletop.

Having played 2 games with my exsisting force, i have decided to scale down the stupidly large amount of Termagants (30) and Homogaunts (50) and opt for some more effective units. Although intimidating, these large units barely managed to survive a round of combat before being wipped out (mostly due to being Fearless). I can console myself to a degree, as they were up against the axe-weilding mainiacs that are the World Eaters! However, not even they could withstand and assault from a unit if infiltrating 'Stealers led by a Broodlord! This unit definately out-performed the rest of the army, which has led to afore mentioned Gaunt cutbacks! The new list will include a mere 20 of each Gaunt variant, with 2 units of Stealers - one with 7 plus a Broodlord, and one with 6 plus a Broodlord. More on their performance in the near future.

Another unit thats was VERY fun to play with was the Doom! Putting it in a Mycetic Spore and dropping it in the moddile of the enemy infantry and sucking out their souls is definately worth the 130pts! The 3+ invunerable save got it out of a few jams in the process, so they'll definately be a place for it in this army!

That being said, the Elysians are also soon to land! My copy of the new Imperial Armour 8 is on order, and as soon as it lands, lists will be made and miniatures bought (once i've mugged enough grannes to pay for them!) Watch the skies.....

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