Friday, 4 December 2015

Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan (7)

After completing the pins for the Volcano Cannons i quickly moved onto the shoulder mounted Laser Blasters. Now I've already seen a missile pod type of weapon for the warlord on the Internet so no doubt there are more shoulder mounted weapons coming. This of course meant more magnets!!

The base of the Laser Blaster is a 'cup' which sits on top of another cup-like socket on the shoulder. There is a 'male' protrusion on the cup of the Laser Blaster which needed to be sanded down. I needed to squeeze in two 2mm thick magnets between that and the cup  on the shoulder, so quite a bit needed to go. 

Once done i used Araldite to stick the magnets on.

While the glue dried i actually built the Laser Blasters! Not quite as beefy as the Volcano Cannons but still impressive.

So that's the last of the weapons done! Next up was the Void Shield Generators. I wanted to magnetise these in the same way i did on the Reaver, so they can be removed and replaced as shields were lost/restored.

Some tiny 2mm magnets were glued to the base of each Void Shield Generator. nothing stronger would be needed, these are very light bits of resin. 

Thankfully, the magnets fitted in perfectly into the recesses on the Warlods back, so no more drilling to make the magnets fit.

This is how it looks so far!! Its a behemoth!

Not long until painting can start! Can't wait to see this guy finished (as I'm getting quite fed up of building...!)

The GunGrave


  1. I love getting araldite on things. except me.

    She's lookin' good.

  2. Looking great! Did you have any issues with gaps when assembling the main parts of the guns? Mine required quite a bit of greenstuff to fill them.

    1. Hi, thankfully not, the Laser Blasters went together quite well. Different story for the Volcano Cannons though which needed a lot of filling.

      All said and told though this kit turned out to have very little gaps and went together quite well. Surprising for such a large kit!!