Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tyranid Terrain: Spore Chimney

I've decided to take a quick break from the Warlord to cleanse my hobby pallet a bit, so i've returned to  my other love; Terrain. 

I always intended to make a second Spore Chimney for the Tyranid Terrain set (see the first Spore Chimney here) I had all the bits, so i started putting it all together. 

I started with a polysturene ring glued to an MDF base. I cut out 3 wedges around the edge where the capillary towers will fit in. 

Next i added the end of some plumbing pipe to the center of the ring. This will provide the structure for the mouth of the chimney.

A large polystyrene cone was then quartered and three of the sections were glued to the base to form the capillary towers. The top of one of the cone quarters broke off, but i'll just model it as battle damage!

With the basis of the structure complete, i moved onto the clay work. I coated the outside of the pipe piece in clay to give it some texture, then did the same for the polystyrene ring.

A bunch of tenticles were made using my tenticle maker to make it Tyranidie! (new word there, feel free to use it!)

Texture was added to the inside of the capillary towers using PolyFilla.

The outside of the towers was covered in clay and shapped into typical Tyranid chittin!

Plenty of bullet and shell holes were added to the chittin, the last efforts from the worlds doomed defenders!

Thats as far as i got for now. I took the oppotunity to effect some repairs on a couple of exsisting capillary towers that had got a bit battered through use!

I'm going to try and break up the Warlord project a bit more with projects like this to make sure i maintain my enthusiasm! More on this soon!

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  1. Hey man, nice tower here and i have some questions, specifically about the inside part.
    What filla did you use?
    And how did you proceed to get this effect?

    Nice job, but i would like better a different flesh colour than grey. It would pop out better.