Monday, 30 November 2015

Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan (6)

Before i moved onto other parts of the Warlord build, i needed to finish off the pinning for the weapon arms. The mechanism itself is done, so i just needed to finish off the pins.

After scouring my bits boxe's i couldnt find anything to cap the ends of the pins with. Then my eyes driffted to the Reaver and the void shield generators - now they would be ideal!!

So, i cast myself up a mould so i could make some of my own for the pin caps. 

Firstly, i drilled in a small hole into the back of the cap.

These held the brass rods perfectly. I recessed them to make sure it was a resonably strong connection.

I then test fitted the pins into the joints and cut the rod to the exact length i needed, which of course is the width of the weapon housing. 

So next was the other end of the pin. I cast a few more caps then recessed some 2mm magnets into them.

I then stuck some magnets onto the other end of the brass pins.

The end result was this dumb-bell looking pin!

Once in place, the pins looked great!

Thats one big headache out of the way! Now onto the final parts of the build!

The GunGrave


  1. Very nice. Your attention to detail is commendable, I'd have just left a blob of uhu over the end of the pin.

  2. Ingenius. I will be replicating this I reckon, cheers!