Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan (5)

I've given a lot of attention to the weapons mountings recently, as they seem made to be interchangeable. I'm sure FW will create weapons to represent all of the Warlords options in the future, so i want my titan to be future-proof!

So if these weapons were going to be going in and out, i wanted to make sure the connection points were suitably reinforced. To do this i'm going to use 4mm brass tube to reinforce the joints, then a 3.5mm rod to act as the pin. First things first; how do i cut brass tube without screwing up the shape??

With a tube cutter of course! You set the width then roll the tube around the cutter while slowly tightening the clamp.

After a very long and boring process, the tube is perfectly cut without collapsing the shape.

But this was taking FAR to long and i needed a few lengths of tube, so i got out the Dremel and used and angle grinder bit instead!!

So hows this going to work? Well the mountings of the Volcano Canons are large flat discs. I drilled a hole through the middle and inserted a small length of the brass tube into it. This would reinforce the joint, keep the movement smooth, and make it last a bit longer!

Happy that the idea worked, i cut some more tube for the other connections.

The weapons mounts at the ends of the Warlords arms also needed reinforcing with the same brass tube.

Once the glue for the tubing was set in their sockets, i gave it a trial run with a bit of brass rod. Perfect fit! This is going to enable me to easilly swab out the weapons. Especially looking forward to the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator! Who wouldn’t want one of those with a name like that?

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  1. That is fantastic man - loving all the forethought that's going into this build. Definitely going to be worth all the extra effort, keep up the great work!

  2. Yep, tedium now = joyful longer term ownership.

  3. Thanks guys. I certainly hope this extra work will pay off!!

  4. Stolen. How have I missed these posts up to now!