Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mars Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan (4)

Next up is the Warlords arms and weapons mountings. These were a bit fidilly to get stuck down!! A bit of help from my clamps got it sorted. 

The pose of the mounts will see the weapons hanging slightly away from the body, and pointing slightly outwards. 

Once the Araldite had dried i drilled in some more reinforcement pins for a bit more strength.

I did the same for the shoulder connection.

Next up was the piston assemblies in the 'armpits'!

I did debate having these movable so i could have the weapons rotate at the shoulder, but it was shapping up to be a huge ammount of work so left it.

While all that was drying i got the Volcano Canons stuck together. These weapons were all very large pieces so they didnt take long.

Sadly there were some large gaps between the heat sinks and the weapon which had to be filled with MilliPutt. This was a bbit of a pain, but got it done in the end!

I also got some holes drilled into the Volcano Canon mounts, but more on that next post!

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