Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Heresy Rad Phage Markers

I now have a few weapons in the Mechanicum arsenal that pack Rad Phage (or Space cancer as its more commonly known!!) If a model suffers an unsaved wound from a weapon with the Rad Phage rule, then it suffers a -1 toughness for the rest of the game. not much use against single wound models, but great against character models, maybe even Primarchs! Over the course of a game, this could be a pain to keep track of.....time for some markers!

The initial idea was to sculpt some skulls onto 28mm bases.....humm, way to much effort! So i started to rummage through some of the really old bits boxes, ones that have a thick layer of dust on! I distantly remembered casting up some skulls years ago, and knew there was a bag of them somewhere. Thankfully i found them. These skulls are casts of ones that came with the Reaver Titan. At the time i must have thought they were cool and cast up a bunch of  them, which I'm very glad i did! There were 23 in the bag - these would be perfect!

White is a bit boring, so i went with a simple green scheme to liven the markers up a bit - the colour of Space Cancer!

First up they were undercoated in black (Army Painter) Sorry for the sideways pics, i don't know why they do this sometimes!

Then a blast of Vallejo Game Air Sick Green.

Then a smaller blast of Vallejo Game Air Livery Green.

And that's it! Some nice green Rad Phage markers.

I'm glad i went with these and not skulls on 28mm bases as they would have been way to big. These skulls can sit quite nicely next to the unfortunate models now riddled with Space Cancer!

The GunGrave


  1. Always a fan of markers, these look really cool.

  2. I did a very similar thing using cast skulls as wound/hull point markers & objective markers. They work very well. I was thinking the other day I could do with knocking up some more to represent other things (such as Immobilised).


    1. Very nice, may have to adapt the Phage markers to make some of my own wound markers!!

  3. Thanks all, dead easy to do and effective!