Friday, 18 September 2015

Reaver Titan Re-Paint Part 2

I was just about to pick up the paintbrush and start refreshing the Reaver when i realised i wanted to sort out the weapons first!

The Reaver has access to a large variety of weapons, most of which have been modelled by ForgeWorld. With this in mind i wanted to magnetise the weapons on this Reaver for a bit more flexibility.

The weapons are rather large, so a suitable magnet would bee needed. I went with a 20mm disc magnet at a 2mm thickness. This was a bit bigger than the joints themselves on the arms of the Reaver, so i needed to adapt them slightly to create a snug connection. I used a 25mm hole cutter drill bit to create a suitable recess for the magnets. These arms will be fixed to the Titan, so the weapons themselves will be the removable parts.

The weapons themselves were easier to adapt and the spaces on the connection points much bigger, so they could easily accommodate a 20mm magnet. This piece is the main weapon housing for the Gatling Blaster.

This one is the main housing for the Laser Blaster.

Once the Araldite is dry I'll see if the magnets are strong enough! Fingers crossed!

The GunGrave


  1. As long as the Araldite cures properly, you should be good to go! : ) excited to see the rest of your repaint.

    1. Thanks Dave, quite a lot has been done since this post so ill have it up on here soon

  2. Ha ha. I got to the second paragraph before I remembered to breathe...