Thursday, 10 September 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Krios Battle Tank

Hot on the heels of  the recently completed Krios Venator squadron is  the final Krios Battle Tank. This tanks was prepped along with the Venators a while back ready for quick completion when the time came. 

As with the Venators I've used a slightly lighter shade of red to create batter shading and contrast.

I like that the Tech Priests are modelled slightly differently to that of the Venators (chest and arms if your not to familiar with them)

As with the Venators, i went back tot he last 2 Krios and repainted their gun shields with the lighter red. I only repainted the gun shields on the tanks as i could easily remove them. I wasn't quite prepared to repaint the entire tank for a slightly lighter shade of red!!

Now i have a full squadron of Krios Tanks! These guys will be on anti infantry duties of course, with their Shred and Rending Large Blasts chewing through Loyalist scum! They'll be fighting alongside the Death Guard of course!

Phew, the Mechanicum have really done well on units in recent weeks! Some more serious pallet cleansing will be needed soon. Perhaps a Warlord Titan....

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