Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Myrmidon Destructor Conversions

When Forge World designed their awesome Myrmidon Destructor models, in their infinite wisdom, they failed to make a weapons pack for them....very annoying. So if we wanted to run different weapons configurations we either have to buy a load more squads or try and do it ourselves.

I went with the latter!

In order to have two 3 man squads of Myrmidon Destructors armed with Conversion Beamers and Volkite Culverins, i needed to convert one of each.

Firstly i did the Conversion Beamer. The starting point for this was a FW Conversion Beamer that i traded off a friend. It originally belonged to some sort of Space Marine character or something. That on its own didn't quite look right though, so i extended the weapon using the end of a Legion Predator Conversion beamer.

The fit was perfect, and it was a close match to the existing aesthetic. That was one down.

Next was the Volkite Culverin. This was a little easier as FW already did a Volkite Culverin for the Legion Support Squads. I grabbed one off eBay and set about making it fit my Myrmidon Destructor, which was a very simple task.

The aesthetic is OK on this model, but the Culverin is slightly smaller than the original Destructors. Its not to bad though.

Ive made a start on the painting. Got the base colours down and the washes on. Highlights to go and we're there.

In other news, i managed to persuade Mrs GunGrave to have a go at painting a model! I had some old Soriatas models lying around so gave her one of those. She did pretty good for a first attempt! She had to paint over an old crappy paint job as well, so some of the detail was lost. Perhaps I'll get her into 40K in the end!

The GunGrave

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  1. Nice conversions.

    Good work w/ Mrs Grave as well...