Friday, 21 August 2015

A Long Overdue Heresy Game!

Just a quick post today to share some pictures of a recent Heresy game i played with my mate Matt the other day. We had a 3000pt game at our new FLGS Worcester Wargames. They had moved to a MUCH larger premises which was just fantastic! They now had enough space to have some permanent gaming boards in the shop, like the desert board we played on, complete with some Orky buildings!

I took 3000pts of Mechanicum (which is a surprisingly small number of units!) and Matt brought his Iron Hands.

The Automata cautiously advanced.

While  the Thanatar stayed back and provided some devastating supporting fire.

The Magos overseeing it all!

The Knight Acheron secured the right flank all on its own! He did have 10 Lascannon armed Legionaries to contend with though!

The Arch Magos' upgrades enabled 10 Thallax to deep strike without scattering.

The Myrmidon Secutors charged out of the Triaros to unleash 20 Plasma Fusil shots at the Iron Hands!

While the Thallax prepared to assault to building housing a Lascannon Squad and a Master of Signal.

When the dust settled, poor old Ferrus Manus was left on his lonesome, circled by some fearsome firepower.

The Acheron managed to survive the Lascannons (just) with 1 hull point remaining.

It was a great game , and it was about time i got the mechanicum out on the table.

Downstairs in the store, there is a hidden gem - a large gaming area housing a further 10 gaming tables! I think i'll be spending a lot more time at my FLGS now!

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  1. Fantastic! Looks like it was a fun game - and beautiful to boot!