Friday, 7 August 2015

Legion Vehicle Sponson Caps

So this is a cool idea that I originally saw on Mordian 7th's blog a few weeks ago. It was a cap that covered the weapon sponsons on Legion vehicles when the upgrade wasn't in use. I liked the idea so much i decided to give it a go myself!

So i started off with a 28mm base (these are the old ones mind, not the new larger GW ones) I sanded the surface flat to give it a smooth texture.

The base on its own is a bit bare, so i needed to add some rivets. I saw a rivet technique a few years ago that i wanted to try. It uses layers of PVA glue to create the rivets. I applied the PVA with a toothpick.

Simply dot on the glue where you want to rivets to be.

It only takes about 10 minutes to dry in the sun. I found that i needed 3 passes with this technique to ensure i got enough height with the rivets. With such a short drying time it wasn't a problem.

I then added some Legion iconography.

Painted it in the colours of the Legion!

And there you have it. I did of course forget to mention that this cap is magnetised, but i guess that goes without saying. As you can see the cap does protrude a bit from the hull of the tank. This is due to the way i  built the tank. Only part of the assembly for the sponsons is  magnetised, meaning that some of the assembly is glued to the hull. As this is a retrofit i couldn't rectify this. I don't think it looks that bad though!

I will probably  make another set or two of these for the other Sicarian model  of tanks. Give  it a go yourselves if you  like the idea!

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  1. Looks great, man! I totally should have sanded mine down, really dig how those rivets turned out as well. Good stuff!

  2. Cheers guys glad you like! Will try and get the colours right next time as I think they're a little's so easy though, everyone should have a set!