Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: Contemptor WIP

This is the final of the  three Contemptors that i had planned for the Death guard. He was long over due, so in a continued effort to move away from the Mechanicum for a while i got him built and ready to go. 

He's currently in the Mortis configuration, but this time round i magnetised the arms to give me more flexibility with the Dread's. 

It was pretty straight forward to do. I have a few Contemptor Fists to assemble as weapon options for the Dread's - I'm keen to see how close combat Contemptors fare!

I also removed the arms of the first contemptor and magnetised the arms. I haven't repeated this process with the second Mortis Contemptor, as the arms were stuck fast and i think I'd just damage it to  much.

now that i have a pair of magnetised Contemptors, I'll be taking a look at some weapons configurations! I'll be getting those fists done soon as well.

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