Monday, 6 January 2014

Return from a Hobby Hiatus; Heresy Era Death Guard Army List

I'm back from an unscheduled break in the hobby. Usual reasons apply but I was also incapacitated in hospital with a spinal problem, which for now, is thankfully resolved.

This of course has meant no painting and no gaming over the last 5 weeks! I haven't even spent a single penny on Forgeworld for 2 months either! might have to check myself into rehab soon...

Recently FW released an awesome model of Calas Typon of the Death Guard. This immediately triggered an army list re-write to try and fit him into my 2000pts. He's a pretty mid-range character, and for those unfamiliar with him, his stats are below:

Calas Typon - 200pts

WS     BS     S     T     W     I     A     Ld     Sv
 6         5       4     4       3      5     4      10       2+

Cataphractii Terminator Armour
Master Crafted Deathshroud Power Scythe
Hand Flamer with Chem Munitions
Grenade Harness
Nuncio Vox
Rad Grenades

He also has a One Use Chem Bomardment, a Lv1 Psyker, and counts as a Denial Unit.

He is a bit of a point sink for a mid-range character, but he will suit my needs well as a clearance unit attached to my Deathshroud Terminators. Being a Denial Unit is also a billy bonus (and its a kick ass model) So this is how the list is shaping up now:

Legion Crusade Army List:

Heresy Era Death Guard



Calas Typhon – 200pts

Deathshroud Terminator Squad (Bodyguard) – 90pts

·         2 Deathshroud Terminators – 90pts

·         Chem Munitions - free


Contemptor Mortis with 2 Assault Cannons – 180pts

·         Base 155pts

·         2 Assault Cannons – 25pts

Contemptor with Twin Linked Lascannon – 200pts

·         Base – 175pts

·         Twin Linked Lascannon – 25pts


Tactical Squad – 250pts

·         Sergeant with Bolter

·         19 Legionnaires with Bolters – 250pts

Tactical Squad – 250pts

·         Sergeant with Bolter

·         19 Legionnaires with Bolters – 250pts

Legion Tactical Support Squad – 145pts

·         Sargent with Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon (free)

·         4 Legionnaires with Flamers and Chem Munitions - (free)

·         Rhino Dedicated Transport – 50pts

·         Pintle Mounted Heavy Flamer with Chem Munitions – 15pts

Legion Tactical Support Squad – 120pts

·         Sargent with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword (free)

·         4 Legionnaires with 4 Volkite Culiver – 20pts

Heavy Support
Legion Heavy Support Squad – 215pts

·         Augury Scanner – 5pts

·         5 Legionaries – 135pts

·         5 Missile Launchers – 25pts

·         Flackk Missiles – 50pts

Predator – 100pts

·         Basic - 75pts

·         Heavy Bolter Sponsons – 25pts

Land Raider Phobos – 250pts


Fire Raptor Gunship – 220pts

·         (Swap out the Predator and Legion Support Squad with Volkite Calivers)

Hyperios Air-Defence Missile Launcher Battery – 160pts

·         Base – 90pts

·         3 Hyperios missile Launchers – 60pts

·         1 Hyperios Missile Launcher Upgraded to a Hyperios Command Platform – 10pts

·         (Swap out the Legion Tactical Support Squad with Volkite Calivers and the Rhino)


I have another 5 man Legionaire Squad with bolters on the painting desk at the moment, so hopefully work will pick up again soon!

The GunGrave

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