Monday, 25 November 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard: Flamer Support Squad Completed

A small splash of Legion action today in the form of a Support Squad armed with Flamers.
These guys will be rocking around in a Rhino armed with a Heavy Flamer, with the sole task of clearing objectives and shifting dug in units. I had a quick game with them after I just built them, and they toasted a Dark Eldar Raider and a Haemonculus in one sitting - not to shabby. Upgraded with Chem munitions for free (as they're Death Guard) and they get the Shred USR (and also Gets Hot!) but I try not to think about that one!


I actually converted the Sargent to carry a Deathshourd Power Scythe - the army list allows anyone who can take a Power Fist to be armed with a power Scythe instead at the same cost. The conversion came out great I thought...

Until I discovered that you could only take the Power Scythe if you had the legionnaires Astartes (Death Guard) special rule....which generic support squads don't! DOH! So I had to convert him back again! Which was much more of a pain than the initial conversion.

Now that these guys have been completed, I've gone into Terrain mode again - but this time it APOC Terrain! More on that soon.

The GunGrave


  1. The generic support squad has the Legion Astartes rule, which would turn into the Death Guard variant as your running a Death Guard force. Otherwise you wouldn't have access to the chem munitions in the flamers.

    Also worth noting that the Sgt can't take a flamer, so the scythe would of been legal. Bit odd as the heavy support squad sgt can take a heavy weapon, while the tactical support sgt can't take a special weapon.

  2. These look great, nice work!

  3. Thanks guys

    @BigSteve - yes your right about the flamer and the Sargent. However the Legion Astartes (Death Guard) rule is specific to certain units. Take the Deathshroud fir example. It specifically states that rule in their Special Rules, same foe the GraveWardens. Sadly it won't apply to generic Legion Astartes units.

    And I will now sadly have to convert the Sargent.....AGAIN!

  4. It looks like a RAW issue - if you've got the Death Guard rule then you'd be able to take a scythe, otherwise you couldn't take it.

    Makes little sense to have the bulk of a Legion not having the rule that makes them that Legion - it's the same as the new 40k Chapter Tactics -if your an Ultramarine, you use the Ultramarine rules, with the pros and cons that come with it, same with the Legiones Astartes (insert legion) rule. Thats the way i've always seen it played during FW's campaign weekends.

    Another example would be the World Eaters chainaxe rule - any Astartes with the World Eater rule can swap a chainsword for an axe - one of the big staple units for most WE armies is big Tac Squads with axes.

    I really hope this doesn't sound like im being condensing, I just want to make sure a fellow Death Guard player gets the full use out of the rules.