Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tyranid Hive Crone

So I picked up this guy from my FLGS on the day of release (getting a cool 20% off!) to enhance my current list. Although I run a Flyrant, it's the only flyer in my list, so some air support was sorely needed.

The colour scheme is the same as the rest of the force, simple and striking. You can find a tutorial on the scheme here. The base for this guy is still WIP. I borrowed one off my Legion Fire Raptor for the photos.

Drool Cannon, a S6 AP4 template weapon (no Torrent though...) bit of a 'meh' weapon, but  its OK. The fleshy weapon areas were picked out in Scorpion Green, washed in Thrakka Green, then highlighted in a watered down Scorpion Green again.

Carapace markings.

Tentaclids (those are the missile things under the wings) These are the key to the Tyranids air superiority. They're only S5 and One Use but they're also Haywire and Seeking (re-roll misses) Pretty good if you ask me, and when combined with a S8 Vector Strike (due to its Raking Strike rule) it makes for a pretty mean anti-air unit.

I magnetised the Tentaclids to help me keep track of how many i've used!

Overall this is a great model. However, with only 2 sprues in the box, i would have been annoyed if i had payed full price for it. For what's in the box, its steep for £48, i don't care how good it is. Despite that, I'm looking forward to giving it a go in a game and seeing what kind of impact its going to have.

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