Monday, 20 May 2013

Tau XV8 Battle Suit Team Complete

The first, of a probable 2, Battle Suit Teams is finished. Love how they came out, and the colour scheme ties in well with the rest of the army. 

This guy is best seen from the back as well to better see the pose:

Camo detailing:

Backpack detail. The disc in the middle of the backpack looked like a good object to use as a power source.

Plasma rifle detail. Just 2 passes with the airbrush to create a small touch of OSL.

Multi Tracker detail:

That completes the Tau models that I have right now. My copy of IA 12: Fall of Orpheus arrived last week, and my thoughts have quickly turned to my beloved Death Korps! The new Assault Brigade List is interesting, so i'm gearing up to put an army together. Fortunately my collection provides most of the models already, but a few purchases will be required! ;-) More on that next post.
The GunGrave


  1. Love the paint scheme! I would maybe make the power sources a bit brighter than you have them here just to stand out against the suits, but the muted grays and blues you have going on really hit the spot.

  2. Gorgeous scheme, looking fantastic, and nice and dynamic posing too.
    I really like the OSL too, nice and subtle so it doesn't take away from the rest of the force.

  3. blimey you have been busy matey!! looking smart