Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tau Fire Warrior Squad 2 Complete; Hall of Heroes Update

The second squad of Fire Warriors is now complete. I'm not sure how many I want yet, but I usually have a core of about 4 infantry squads in my armies, so that's what I'll aim for.

I painted these guys a little differently. I used the same techniques I used on the Riptide for the Warriors here. The first attempt at the scheme was effective, but quite labour intensive. This new method is a little quicker and creates much more consistency across the squad.

Here's a few comparison shots so you can see for yourselves. I've added some weathering to the armour this time. Nuln Oil was selectively applied to the fatigues before a black oil paint wash was applied to the whole model. First scheme is on the left, new scheme on the right.

The definition on the second scheme is definitely more subtle, but the consistency is much better! I'll be rolling this scheme out across the army.
I've done a bit of work for the Crisis Battle Suit Team that's awaiting assembly. The bases are built and painted. I'll be building the Battle Suits later today.

I've been leaving the Drones until last, so I've got quite a few waiting to be painted!

The Army is growing quickly!

I've also been doing a little bit of painting on the Hall of Heroes. I've applied Army Painters Uniform Grey over the undercoat, the added shading by applying Fortress Grey with an airbrush.

I added some plasticard tiles to the base to break up the plainness a bit.

I wont be going to mad on the paintjob - just some colour on the fans, scrolls, skulls, and the Aquila at the entrance. Should look pretty good!
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