Friday, 3 May 2013

Apocalypse Terrain: Hall of Heroes Build Complete

The latest of my terrain projects actually saw completion quite quickly. Now that its all put together, I'm not sure if it exclusively qualifies as Apoc' Terrain! The base board measures just under 2ft x 2ft, so could comfortably be used in a regular game of 40K.

The insides of the walls were braced with some pine strip to keep the shape. It also acts as a support for the second deck which was cut from 3mm MDF.

There will be a Space Marine Statue from the Honoured Imperium set in each of these 4 spaces around the building (if anyone has any going cheap i'm interested! Get in touch)

The top deck is a smaller version of the base deck, again topped with MDF.

A Shrine of the Aquila entrance way finishes the building off nicely! Now i'm just waiting for some spray paint to arrive from Army Painter (should be today) and i'll get cracking on the paint job.

I've also spent some much needed time on my pride and joy - Praetorian! This poor guy has spent the last 5 months in pieces since he got damaged in my move here. I made some minor adjustments to my display cabinet so I could get him in fully assembled. I have to say, he looks more glorious than ever!

Finally, on the table is some more Fire Warriors. I've also got a Battle Suit team in the box waiting to go. The Expansion is well and truly underway.

The GunGrave


  1. nice terrain and nice to have you back.... have you seen the new imperial armour Krieg list?

  2. Cheers mate. No I haven't seen the list yet, but did per order the new IA book is I'll be talking a look! A third Kreig Army is definately on the horizon!

  3. Lovely terrain, it even looks bigger than a 2'x2' footprint. Would make a nice centrepoint to any battle.

    Great having you back, look forward to seeing more.

  4. Dude the IA 12 book is SICK for DKK man... I ordered the book at Adepticon and cannot wait for it to arrive!

  5. Yeah it'll be nice to see a more aggressive Krieg list! Can't wait!

  6. PS, you have yet to add me new blog to your blog roll man!