Friday, 24 May 2013

Heresy Era Death Guard - New Army and Test Model

So last post I was talking about how I was about to get my Kreig on again after reading IA Vol' 12. I did write a list for the Assault Brigade (which i'll post up here sometime) but  I also started reading this again:

Then I started looking at these:

Then this arrived! The 3 squad bundle of MkII Legion Crusade Armour Marines, the 3 Deimos Pattern Rhino Bundle, and 3 sets of Death Guard Legion Shoulder Pads!

I quickly set about painting a test model, which I have to say, came out very well! Skull White basecoat, Brazen Brass and Knarloc Green for the shoulder pads, and the other colours are self explanatory. Metals and bronzes' were washed with Badab Black, and the rest of the model was washed with Gryphonne Sepia. Some small dabs of Adeptus Battlegrey for the chipped armour effect finished it off nicely. I think I might add some grey weathering powders around the feet to dirty it up a bit as well.

I struggled to make the shoulder pad iconography pop here. The black detail is to small to highlight, but I gave it a go!

I've got as far as this with the Legionnaires assembly:

Also got 1 of the Rhinos built as well.

These minis are fantastic, i'm so glad I gave into my impulse and bought this lot! I've nearly finished a 1,850pt list for these guys which i'll post up soon.
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  1. I loev how you go from Krieg, to looking to a box full of resin - the missus would kill me if a box that size turned up!

    I do like the white - the Sepia wash did a great job of bringing out the definition - looks nice, simple, and easily repeatable.

    The skull on the shoulder pad could do with something more - maybe a darker base brought up to the lighter highlight.

    1. Yeah the girlfriend has her own place so I get to buy as much resin crack as I like!! The mood did change quite suddenly I have to say! The Krieg will get their reinforcements soon enough!

  2. Don't you just love how some things escalate way too quickly? My suggestion for popping the icon is to go with a lighter green, not too much, but just enough to get some contrast with the black.


    1. Yeah think your right. Will give the green base coat a pass with the airbrush with the others and see how that turns out

  3. Awesome work, mate - really looking forward to seeing this army come together!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys - really excited about this project, been wanting to do it for ages!!!