Monday, 4 July 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Gothic Cathedral Pt 3

Construction has begun!

The ground floor has been secured to the base, and the second floor is on its way up! I was hoping to get some more parts in the post on Saturday morning, but alas, Royal Mail failed me! So until said parts arrive, the second floor will remain half done. With any luck I'll have them by the end of today/tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've drawn up a rough plan (a very rough plan!) of what i want to put inside. Forgive the graphics, MS Paint hasn't seemed to have evolved since the 90's! Basically the red rectangles are going to be balconies with spiral staircases for access. Theres an alter at the back, and the long green area will be reserved for the aisle. Pues will run off the sides of the aisle space, both ruined ones and in tact ones.

As for the roof - well now I've decided to have a partial, ruined roof. Mainly because i thought that taking the roof on and off several times a game would quickly become a pain!

This next scale shot is here for the benefit of 'The Inner Geek', who wanted to know how big the cobblestones were on the lino base. Well, as you can see, they're quite a bit bigger than cobblestones and are more like crazy-paving!! Whatever it looks like, it looks great for this scale of war gaming!

So without parts for the Cathedral, I've been killing time by painting up a Death Korps Heavy Mortar Battery as part of the Krieg repaint. I'm nearly done with that, so I'll present that in the next post!

The GunGrave


  1. That voystroyan looks great! Keep painting. I love seeing the progress!

  2. This thing ought to be mammoth! How many "floors" tall are you planning on making it? It is good to remember that buildings of this type (in real life) tend to be much taller than they are wide... in some cases twice as tall as they are wide!

    Again, I don't know how you have things planned, but I might suggest that the balconies may even be on teh second floor, rather than the first - to help add more height to the ground floor play area? (I don't know if there are issues of playability if the balconies are too low - considering the heights of tanks)

    Of course, you should create an "Arcade" under the balcony... columns equally spaced. So maybe the final height for the balcony will depend on the columns you can get hold of.

    Really looking forward to seeing more progress!

  3. Its like you've peered into my mind and splashed my ideas all over this page!

    The balcony will be on the second floor, and will be supported by columns underneath.

    The walls will be 3 panels high, and the towers will be 5 panels high! Logistical issues make it impossible to make a 'True Scale' Catherdral, as the thing still has to get into the boot of my car!

    All these details will be subject to conditions on the ground, and the appearance of the Catherdral as it evolves. Already im thinking about scrapping the Pues having ruined Pues, barracades and masonary instead.

    More parts arrived today, so come wednesday i hope to report significant progress on the main structure.

  4. That is coming along great! And I do appreciate the scale shot with the floor covering. I think it looks just fine for this scale. No cobblestones necessarily, but really nice paving stones. I look forward to seeing your next update!

  5. It does look wickedly awesome, you figured out where to get pews and such yet? I know of a thread on Dakka that has built a Cathedral as well and furnished it properly.
    I believe he got his thingamajiggies from Armorcast, but as im at work I cant check to make sure.
    Well Impressed, keep it up :)

  6. Any chance you are going to Games Day Chicago? I'd love to see some of this stuff in person.

  7. @ Draxius - I'll be drastically reducing the number of pues for this project now in favour of ruins and barricades. The pues that i will build will probably be made from balsa wood, keeping them easy to make while retaining that wood texture.

    @ Drathmere - I'm afraid its a bit far for me to come to GD Chicago! One day maybe, but for the time being i'll have to be content with the UK version! :)