Monday, 13 June 2011

Vostroyan Firstborn: Third Veteran Squad Complete

I've been very lazy with the Vostroyans lately, but with NUSU Tournament just 2 weeks away I decided to get my finger out!

I've been picking away at this squad now for a week or two, but today i saw it completed.

This Veteran Squad is armed with 3 Meltas, and will be riding in a Vendetta for the tournament. This, combined with the Vendetta, will hopefully give me a guaranteed AV14 kill should i need it (which I'm sure i will!)

One of the in-laws is up this week (sigh.....) so between cleaning the house from top-to-bottom and entertaining her, so I'm not gonna see much hobby action. Although i will try, as I've got one more Veteran Squad to do and the Company Commander as well! Then I'll be ready for the tournament on the 25th + 26th June.

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