Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Vostroyan Firstborn (1500pts) Army Showcase

Well its been a mad dash to get this army list repainted and ready for the NUSU tournament at the weekend! Admittedly the Regimental Advisors were a bit rushed towards the end, but other projects beckon, and i needed to get this repaint out of the way! I would have loved to repaint the vehicles as well, but i really didn't have time to get them done to.

I present the Vostroyan Firstborn, 1500pt tournament list!

Company Command Squad

Company Commander


Officer of the Fleet

Veteran Squad 1

Dedicated Transport: Chimera

Veteran Squad 2

Dedicated Transport: Chimera

Veteran Squad 3

Dedicated Transport: Chimera

Veteran Squad 4

Vendetta Gunship

Leman Russ 1

Leman Russ 2

Medusa with Enclosed Crew Compartment

There are a few more Vostroyans that make up the entirety of my collection, but for the moment i only need the models I'm going to use at the Tourney, so their new paint job will have to wait! Apologies for the photos as well - they're a little more ropey than usual 'cos i was in a bit of a rush to take them today!

So that's the Vostroyans out of the way. I'm pleased that i took the time to repaint these gorgeous models, and they really were a joy to paint! Its just that they take SOOOO long to do! These guys have taken me almost 2 months to do (47 models) and i have to say, i was keen to see it all done!

Anyhoo, I mentioned other projects at the beginning of the post.....

Theres a lot of moulding and resin casting  going on:

Some large bits of wood lying around:

An awful lot of Pegasus Gothic Building kits knocking about to!

More on this project later in the week!

The GunGrave


  1. Gorgeous! Hmm... A display board in the works for that great looking army?

  2. Very Very nice collection of Vostroyans you got there.
    They have to look amazing all together on the table.

  3. Great army dude, they look very cohesive.

    The vehicles look great, despite big models are hard to paint.

    And very characterful command squad!!!.

  4. The Guard look grand! And I can't wait to see what you do with that Pegasus terrain, that stuff looks awesome. In the next few weeks I'll be starting to some casting of parts myself so it's nice to see someone else's setup.

  5. Absolutely brilliant! I especially like the Medusa, I hadn't seen that one before. Man I miss my Vostroyans... Keep up the great work!

  6. Cheers Guys! I thought it was about time the Vosty's got a bit of love - especially as they were my 'origional' Guard army, and got me hooked on Guard in the first place.

    @ Hudson - As much as i'd love to, i'm giving Armies on Parade a miss this year in favor of other projects! They'd look pretty sweet on a scenic board though!

    @ Lucky - Yeah they are a pretty striking sight on the tabletop...a pair of shades might be an idea though, with all that bling they're packing!

    @ Grajo - The vehicles were pretty straight forward to paint, after the custom-mix basecoat was done. It was all down to the weathering after that. I can't even remember what colours i used for the base, it was so long ago! Now i know how the Mechanicus feel.....!

    @ The Inner Geek - Yes, im VERY excited about this project, and the other 2 projects of a similar nature that are also in the planning stages! They'll be more on this current terrain project on Friday all being well! As for casting; i plan to do a tutorial in the near furture, just to put my penny's worth into the Blogging community, so keep an eye on the blog for that one.

    @ Mordian - You mean you got rid of your Vostroyans?! Whats wrong with you man, these are some of the best Guard models ever produced! Go and buy a squad imediately and paint them up for penance! ;)

  7. Hey GunGrave,

    I just stumbled onto you blog and I love the chimera side armor. Is that a scratchbuild?