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NUSU Tourney - The Aftermath: Day 1

This weekend saw Exeter Inquisitions second incarnation of their 'Nut Up or Shut Up' tournament, although this was the first time that i attended. It was a two day event with three games on the first day and then two on the second. Pretty standard set up really, and i decided to take my Vostroyans along to see how they fared in tourneys. So how'd it go? Here follows a dreadful tale of woe.....

Game 1: vs Eldar - Seize Ground : Spearhead

I was fortunate enough to get the first turn, and deployed in a quarter with plenty of cover, and a large hill protecting my right flank. A large river with a bridge separated the board. My opponent was packing 3 Wave Serpents, two with Dire Avengers, and one with Fire Dragons and his Farseer. He also fielded an Avatar and a three-strong squadron of War Walkers. To keep me on my toes, he also kept a unit of Striking Scorpions in reserve ready to outflank, and infiltrated another.

He failed to seize the initiative, and the game started well when one of my Russ destroyed one of his Wave Serpents with a well placed Lascannon shot through the window of a building! The Dire Avengers got out and lingered in cover near his objective (where they remained for the whole game!) Nothing else really happened that phase, and so he took his turn.

The remaining Wave Serpents moved flat out towards the centre of the board, while his War Walkers lingered at the rear of the field taking pot-shots at my tanks. The Avatar lumbered forwards in the centre, while the infiltrating Striking Scorpions tackled the hill to my right flank. His turn came and went without incident.

My turn 2 rocked around, and my outflanking Vendetta failed to emerge. Movement was limited for me, but i did create enough space to target the infiltration Scorpions with my Command Squad, Chimera, and Medusa. A Few Scorpions fell to the fusillade, but they made good use of the cover, and i couldn't force a morale check. Further shooting from the Leman Russ tanks saw another Wave Serpent destroyed, and the Fire Dragons and the Farseer facing a long walk to my lines. Things seemed to be going OK.

The Eldar took his second turn, moving his Fire Dragons and Farseer through the river towards my left flank. The Avatar continued to plod on towards the bridge, and the War Walkers moved in a little closer to bring more of their guns to bear. The remaining Wave Serpent moved flat out again across the river, and parked itself in between my Chimera and Russ. The Scorpions continued to advance and managed to clear the hill. The shooting phase saw the War Walkers Stun the Chimera parked on my objective, and the Fire Dragons managed to toast the Chimera on the left flank, forcing the squad to disembark. It was then that i started to sweat!

Turn 3 came, and my Vendetta arrived. It outflanked about 12in from his objective, and right behind the War Walkers. I continued to maneuver out of the way of the Scorpions, but a charge was inevitable if they survived my shooting phase. The Russ moved into a better position to target the last Wave Serpent, and the disembarked squad made a break for cover to get a better shot at those Fire Dragons. A very tense shooting phase followed, seeing the demise of all three War Walkers at the hands of the Vendetta and the Vet' Melta Squad it was carrying. The disembarked Vet' squad took a few shots at the Fire Dragons, managing to kill most of their number. Both Leman Russ fired everything they had at the remaining Wave Serpent, but failed to hit or penetrate its armour or cover save! ARGH! The Command Squad and troops defending my objective continued to take shots at the Scorpions, but failed yet again to wipe them out! It was time to fix bayonets and prepare to receive the inevitable charge!

Eldar turn three saw his second unit of Scorpions arrive via outflank, and they appeared next to my Vendetta and Vet' squad. The remaining Fire Dragon and Farseer moved to engage the Vet' squad, and the Avatar moved close enough to be within charge range of a Russ. The Wave Serpent then did the inevitable, and moved flat out right next to my objective. This did mean that he had to survive an awful lot of firepower, but this Wave Serpent had been particularly lucky, and it had plenty of that in supply! The shooting phase saw the Vet' squad loose 2 men to the Fire Dragons and the Farseer's flying spear thinggy. No further shooting took place, as my opponent was keen to get into combat! The Fire Dragons and Farseer charged the Vet' squad, the Avatar charged a Russ, the outflanking scorpions charged the Vet' squad and Vendetta, and the infiltrating scorpions duel charged the Medusa and a Chimera. Phew! The Vendetta and the Vet' squad bought it, but a few Scorpions were killed in the explosion! HA! They then consolidated closer to his objective. The Avatar completely OWNED the Russ, but its explosion failed to wound. The Fire Dragons and the Farseer killed a few men, as did the vets, but the combat continued. The other unit of Scorpions failed to damage the Medusa and inflicted a Shaken result on the Chimera.

My turn four! I moved the Medusa and the Chimera out of the was of those pesky Scorpions, and turned the remaining Russ around to target the Wave Serpent. The third Chimera moved in to contest my objective and bring the Vet' squads weapons to bear as well. The Chimera that was in combat with the Scorpions disembarked its Vet' squad on the other side of the building, enabling them to bring their plasma and melta guns to bear on the Wave Serpent. The shooting phase saw the Wave Serpent destroyed by a Danger-Close shot from the Russ with its battlecannon! The squad disembarked but wasn't pinned. I then fired 2 Vet' squads, a Chimera and a Medusa at the Dire Avengers now sitting on my objective, but failed to wipe them out! I had to be happy with 3 casualties!! The command squad took pot shots at the Scorpions killing all but 2 of their number. The assault phase saw the Vet' squad engaged with the Fire Dragons flee and be destroyed, but not before killing the last 2 Fire Dragons. The Farseer now had to go it alone.

Eldar turn four. The remains of the Scorpion squad moved closer to their objective on the far side of the board, while the Avatar and the Farseer picked a tank each and made towards it. The Scorpions in my midst prepared to charge my Command Squad. The shooting phase saw the Farseer immobilise my last Russ with his flying spear thinggy, and the Dire Avengers Blade Storm'ed my disembarked Vet's to death! The Avatar then assaulted the Chimera on my objective, while the Scorpions charged the Command Squad. The Farseer's charge failed, not having the inches to make it into combat. The Command Squad lost 2 Snipers, but the Company Commander managed to slay both Scorpions in a suitably heroic fashion! The Avatar wrecked the Chimera, and the squad disembarked without being pinned.

Turn 5 - all or nothing! The only movement was from the Medusa and the last Chimera as they targeted the Dire Avengers. Shooting from the Vet' Squad, Medusa, Command Squad and Chimera failed to kill all the Dire Avengers, but forced a morale check which they passed due to the proximity of the Avatar!! No assault for me.

Eldar turn 5 was short, the Avatar charging the Vet' squad and wiping them out, while the Dire Avengers stayed put. The Farseer charged the Russ but failed do destroy it. The game ended on turn five, with the Eldar player securing his objective, and mine being contested. LOSS.

Game 2: vs Imperial Guard - Capture and Control : Dawn of War

I won't bore you with a turn by turn account of this one, as it was all over for me by turn 2! He went first, picking a terrain rich deployment zone for his foot-slogging guard. I had no cover and few objectives close to me, of which there were 5. My command squad and 2 Vet' Squads fled off the table by the end of turn 3, and my transports were systematically destroyed my mass Autocannon and Lascannon fire. I couldn't make any roll was required of me, and the game ended on turn 5 with my opponent controlling all 5 objectives, with little of my Vostroyans left o the board. I was trashed!! LOSS

Game 3: vs Tyranids - Implacable Advance : Objectives

This mission  was out of the Battle Missions book (as all missions and deployments were pre set for this tournament) We played length ways for this one, with 3 objectives being placed in the centre of each 'third' of the board. The objectives were claimed in the usual way, but once claimed, the unit could move away while still retaining the objective. The only way that could change is if an enemy scoring unit came and claimed it for themselves. Objectives would still be contested as normal by scoring units, but could not be contested by non-scoring units. No units were allowed to outflank this mission, but infiltrators could be deployed as normal.

My opponent was fielding (roughly): 3 Trygons, a Tervigon with 20 Termagants. 8 'Stealers, two broods of 3 Hive Guard, a Prime and a Vermathrope.

I went first for this game, deploying so that my objective would be secured from the start. My opponent did the same. Turn 1 saw me move my ranged firepower into possition to get a good shot at the 'Nid troop choices, while keeping enough firepower back to prepared for the third Trygon's inevitable deep strike (he kept 1 in reserve you see). He kindly grouped all his units together, which enabled my Leman Russ to take a fearsome toll on his troops. One Trygon took 4 wounds, and he lost god knows how many Termagants. The Vendetta killed 2 Hive Guard on the right flank, forcing them out of Synapse range and subsequently failing their morale check. They fled, and eventually went off the board.

Tyranid turn 1. He advanced into the teeth of my big guns in true 'nid style! He secured the middle objective with his 'Stealers and backed them up with the second unit of Hive Guard. The Tervigon spawned 14 Termagants which sat on his objective. The doubles that he rolled though ensured that no more Termagants would be spawned for this game. No shooting came my way.

Turn 2. I continued to pound away at his troops and monsterous creatures, while creeping my Chimeras up the right flank to give the 'Stealers and Hive Guard a hard time. The Vendetta moved flat out up the right flank in an effort to get close to my opponents objective. More 'Nids died, but he still had troop choices running around.

Tyranid turn 2 saw his bugs continue their advance in an effort to engage me in combat. Little shooting came my way, with most of his units opting to run. The Hive Guard targeted my Vendetta but only managed to inflict a shaken result, mainly due to some lucky cover save rolls!

My turn 3. These bugs were getting a little close, so i started to move towards my right flank and make use of the buildings in the centre of the board to hinder his assaults and maximise my firepower. I left a Russ on the left flank as bait for his Trygon. The Vendetta moved flat out again to get within striking distance of his objective. This turn saw the demise of his mid-field Termagants and a Trygon, but i couldn't target his remaing 2 'Stealers holding the centre objective.

Tyranid turn 3. This is where it all went wrong! The bugs advanced up the centre, but with the 'Stealers and the Tervigon guarding the centre obective, he had nothing to claim my objective with. The Trygon went for the Russ as planned and destroyed it. Never mind! The Prime and the Vermathrope milled about in the centre, and his other Trygon failed to arrive from reserve. The Hive Guard targeted my Vendetta, and only 1 penetrating shot got through the cover save - but it was enough! The Vendetta exploded, and as i moved flat out last turn, i lost the whole squad inside as well! I'd never get anything within range of his objective before the game end, so the middle objective was my only chance for victory!

My turn 4. I moved everything i had towards the centre objective; 3 Chimera and 3 Vet' squads in the hope of dislodging the defenders.  I didnt have the distance to make it in one movement, so they all moved 12in and popped smoke, while the nearest squad disembarked to make a run for it. They'd have the weather the storm and hope to contest next turn. The remaining Russ continued to shoot, and killed the last Hive Guard squad in its entireity. The Command Squad remianed behind to bravely tackle the Trygon that destroyed the Russ!!

Tyranid Turn 4. The Trygon assaulted the Command Squad and the other Trygon failed to materialise again! The Prime assaulted the closest squad along with the two 'Stealers, killing them all. The Command Squad lost all but the Company Commander who passed all his Invunerable saves, and sucessfully disengaged from the combat! They still held 2 objectives.

My turn 5. This was it: a second Vet' squad was moved into range of the middle objective and disembarked, while the last squad in their Chimera continued to close on it. The disembarked Vet's shot at the prime, but failed to kill it due to its cover saves provided by the Vermathrope! Its consolidation moves from last turn put it out of sight of the Russ, as were the 'Stealers. Now it all hinged on the next turn!

Tyranid turn 5. The Trygon finally arrived, coming up behind my last Russ. The other one moved towards the closest Chimera, while the Prime set itself up for another charge. The newly arrived Trygon shot at the russ, doing no damage. The 'Stealers and the Prime charged the second Vet' squad to contest the objective, wiping them all out.

The game then ended on turn 5, 2-1 on objectives. LOSS!

So i lost all three of my games on the first day!! Not good!

I'll post up the day 2 results tomorrow, as i think this is enought battle reporting for one day!

The GunGrave

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