Monday, 11 April 2011

Death Korps Armoured Fist Squads Complete

Its been a tough week trying to find my hobby mojo, mainly due to these factors:

The UK had an unexpected heatwave over the last week, seriously hampering my efforts to stay indoors in the dark and paint! Alas, the rain has now returned to my small corner of Wales (it rarely stays away for long!), so i got back in the Forge, stuck on Return of the Jedi, and settled down for some serious catching up!!

Here are the fruits of today's labour-the two Chimeras for the Krieg Armoured Regiment. These Chimeras are armed with Autocannons for popping lightly armoured transport vehicles, and because i had the points left to spend in the list!!

Chimera 3

Chimera 4

Here they are with their respective infantry squads:

This completes the Death Korps of Krieg Armoured Regiment! The tournament that i was painting it all up for (Bristol Vanguards 'Spoils of War' - if you haven't been, go! Its great!) has now been pushed back from May to November (Grrrr) Never mind, at least it gives me bags of time to play test them. I'll do an Army Showcase for the next post.

So what now? Well, I'm working on a Special Character for Blog Wars at the begining of June. I'm not giving to much away (the enemy may be watching!) but this guy rolls around in a Taros Assault Vehicle. I've got as far as undercoating and applying the camo scheme, so I'll have a few WIP shots chucked into the next post. THEN, I'll be dusting off the Vostroyans for another Tournie at the end of June, as they all need a bit of touching up. After that? I'll be taking a break for a week or two. I've got a few family engagements coming up, and all funds are being diverted to travel and booze! Then it'll be.....Dark Eldar! The Grey Knights are going to be kept on ice for the moment until i can get a decent list together, so pain, suffering, and pointy ears are firmly back on the hobby menu!

The GunGrave


  1. That's really good mate. Can't really tell from the picture but I think (just for the sake of realism) you could give the whole vehicle a light coat from that dust. I don't think it would just stay around the tracks under these circumstances :)

  2. Both units look great! Nice and gritty.

  3. @ Antipope - yeah i know, but i wanted to go for Mud and not Dirt. If i'd not added the texture to the tracks it would've just looked like Dirt.

    @ Lucky - Cheers dude. Hopeing to start the Dark Eldar again in a few weeks, so might be in touch soon about that VoidRaven conversion! Hope all is well!